Jump to:  My Example    Layering    Soil Amendments   Sheet Mulching involves a weed barrier (cardboard), compost (soil life), a carbon based material (food for soil life), top mulch (UV protection and moisture trap), and water.  This is one of the best ways to restore your soil.  You can turn that compacted clay back [...]

CEDAR SHAVINGS: THE BIG CONFUSION   "Don't ever use cedar shavings ...."  This is general statement I kept running into on forums and groups, so I decided to dig a little deeper. Summary:  The common name cedar refers to several different Genus/species of trees.  What you commonly know as a cedar is not a true cedar.  This misconception has [...]

FERMENTING CHICKEN FEED   Let's face it, no feed is made the same.  It's a mistake to just assume every feed will ferment exactly the same as the next.  Therefore, a single method of fermenting chicken feed simply can not work for everyone.  That is why I created this guide, to help you get started in the [...]

      Here's a short video to help answer these questions.  :)     The one noticeable difference between a fertilized egg and an unfertilized egg is the blastoderm (fertilized) and blastodisk (unfertilized).  Both appear as a tiny white cloudy spot on the outside of the yolk.  In the fertilized egg the spot will be slightly larger and in the [...]

A practical set of items that will come in handy in a variety of situations, disaster or not. Be prepared, but also be realistic.  Unfortunately the mainstream media has ruined the face of preparedness with shows like Doomsday Preppers.  Zombies!  AHhh.   While it may seem exciting, most "survival" situations do not send us out into the [...]

SAVE MORE MONEY RAISING CHICKENS   When it comes to saving money and raising chickens, most of the strategies revolve around feed.  As we all know feed is the biggest recurring expense.  One adult bird can eat 1/4 pound of feed per day.  A 50 pound bag of food costs anywhere from $15-$40 usually depending on quality [...]

I love egg salad, deviled eggs, and just plain ol' whole cooked eggs with a little salt and paprika.  I've always had trouble hard cooking eggs / hard boiling eggs.  The main issues being peeling the egg shell, and ending up with chalky over cooked yolks.  When I first read that fresh eggs are more difficult [...]

CHICKENS, EGGS, & $$$   What is the egg value of one laying hen in 3 years?~$168 How many eggs a hen will lay in 3 years?~675 How much will feed costs be per month for 3 hens?~$15 Let's figure it all out! This is not the best formulated question, but I see it come up [...]

How much does it cost to raise chickens?   Hey!  Let's try to figure out an estimated cost for raising 3 chickens.  If you are on the fence about raising chickens working through the numbers may help sway you one way or the other .  There are also ways to save your hard earned money here. [...]

SNAKES ON THE HOMESTEAD   Our biggest predator issue (besides hawks) has been the Eastern Black Rat Snake.  I have caught between 6 and 8 of these guys over the years trying to get our baby chicks.  Luckily we were prepared with good predator defense and have not yet lost a chick to a snake. [...]

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